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So what exactly is Eat Music, Taste Beats?

Well it is now a website that highlights the life of a Communication Art grad student in NYC with an undergraduate degree in Douche Ray Vision. I am a foodie, food enthusiast, music enthusiast, music lover, alright you get the point. Highlighting my epic food fails, concert adventures, new foods and recipes, album reviews, news, interviews and everything in between.

Eat Music, Taste Beats is the motto. Food is my best friend and music is my side chick (that was a joke for the most part). Food and music are a big part of culture, so I figured why not combine them. So welcome to my life, because what could be better than music and food?
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Cereal Characters Gone Bad!

Guillermo Fajardo and graphic designer Jieying Li created very warped and twisted depictions of some of our favorite cereal characters. 

Want to know how you can print a post card that smells like food?

Thai artist Kittiwat Unarrom, created a series of severed body parts that are made out of bread. He could have fooled me, because they look 100% real to me. The series was created back in 2008, but because of all the recent “zombie apocalypse” occurrences his series is becoming popular again. Check out some of the pieces from the series.

For more photos check out:

Gruesome Bread Creations

This by far is the coolest food art I have seen so far! PANCAKES!

Check out this dad’s blog full of pancake food art:

Here are some screenshots of the blog and some of my favorites!

Pancake Art

Ilian Illiev’s amazing photography series features craved fruit and vegetables. Iliev is a food and drink photographer. If you find yourself to be in London May 20th check out his photography series. 

For more info check out: 


Some more cool food art! Enjoy!


My favorite type of art: food art!

Artist suspends real clouds in the middle of the room


That’s not photoshop; that’s an actual cloud hovering inside an actual room. Artist Berndnaut Smilde merges art and science to create small man-made clouds that exist — albeit for just a moment — indoors.

This isn’t music of food related but this was too good to pass up and not share!

(via npr)

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